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Snowman Disco Ball DIY kit

Snowman Disco Ball DIY kit

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Transform your home into a sparkling winter wonderland with our DIY Disco Snowman Kit! This festive kit includes two shimmering disco balls (16 inches and 12 inches), a sturdy stand, and charming accessories like a hat and scarf to bring your glittering snowman to life. Standing at an impressive 33 inches tall and 16 inches wide, this dazzling decoration is sure to be a holiday hit.

Assembly: Assembling your disco snowman is a breeze. Simply insert the metal rods into the base, attach the metal hoop at the top. Place the larger disco ball on the bottom and the smiley face disco ball on top of the upper metal hoop. Finish your frosty friend by wrapping the scarf around the center and topping it with the cozy hat.

Versatile Decor: The best part? The disco balls can be used as standalone decor pieces after the winter season, offering year-round sparkle without the need to store away.

Safety Note: Please be aware that this kit is not suitable for homes with babies, cats, or dogs. The disco balls are covered with glass mirror tiles which are sharp to the touch. Also, note that while the balls balance well in the stand, they are not anchored and may topple in a bustling pet environment.

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