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Disco Ice Cream Cone

Disco Ice Cream Cone

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Get ready to serve up some sparkle with our 6" Disco Ice Cream Cone Sculpture. This whimsical piece effortlessly blends fun and elegance, adding a delightful pop of glitz to your home decor.


  • Size: At 6" tall, our disco ice cream cone sculpture is the perfect size to catch the eye without overpowering your space.

  • Design: Inspired by the timeless joy of ice cream and the dazzling allure of disco balls, this sculpture is a charming conversation starter.

  • Disco Detailing: Every surface of this sculpture is covered in tiny reflective tiles, capturing the light and casting a captivating display around your room.

  • Versatile Decor: Perfect as a unique centerpiece, a fun addition to a themed party, or a quirky addition to a child's room.

Indulge in a treat for the eyes with our 6" Disco Ice Cream Cone Sculpture, adding a sweet dose of sparkle to your home decor. It's time to turn up the charm and bring the party to your space!

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