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Disco Ice Cream Cone Kit

Disco Ice Cream Cone Kit

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Unleash your creativity and add some sparkle to your space with our DIY Disco Ice Cream Cone Kit. This easy-to-use set includes everything you need to create your very own shimmering disco ice cream cone.


  • Complete Kit: This DIY kit includes a 6" styrofoam ice cream cone shape, silver paint, gold paint, a paint brush, a sheet of 5mm gold disco tiles, and a sheet of 5mm silver disco tiles.

  • Design: Create a unique ice cream cone disco ball in silver and gold. The design possibilities are endless!

  • Easy to Use: Our kit makes it simple to create your own dazzling decor. Just paint, stick, and enjoy!

  • Sparkle: The 5mm disco tiles catch the light and cast a stunning, glittering display around your room.

  • Creative Fun: A perfect project for craft lovers of all ages. Spend an enjoyable afternoon creating, then enjoy the sparkle all year round.

  • Decor & More: Use your DIY disco ice cream cone as a party centerpiece, a cool addition to your room decor, or as a fun gift.

Experience the joy of creating your own decor with our DIY Disco Ice Cream Cone Kit. Get crafting and add some disco vibes to your space today!

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